How to set up a group GitLab repository and use Git

All team members need to have a gitlab(*) account on (If you can’t logon, contact support.)

  1. One team member creates a repository (Repositories -> New; initialize with a README and include a .gitignore)
  2. Invite your team mates as follows:
  1. All team members need to check their email and confirm the invitation within 24h

Now all of you can clone the GitHub repository locally, commit, and push.

Here some Tips on working with Github

  1. Commit often
  2. Give informative commit messages
  1. Make sure your code compiles before committing
  2. Pull often and merge changes
  3. If you are not ready to commit, but you want to pull, use:
  1. You will have merge conflicts. Most of those are automatically handled by git. But you need to learn how to use a visual merge tool (e.g., meld, or one that is built into your IDE).

(*) if it says GitHub somewhere, I misspoke and meant to say gitlab.