CS 620: Operating System Fundamentals

(Coordinator: Elizabeth Varki)

Catalog description

Introduces operating system concepts and design. Process and memory management; scheduling; file systems; storage devices; inter-process communication. Prereq: CS 515 and CS 520 or ECE 562.


  • This course is one of the CS required classes.


  • principles of operating systems.
  • principles of computer organization and architecture.


Five written assignments, 3 programming assignments (60%), one midterm exam (20%) and one comprehensive final exam (20%).


  • overview of hardware and operating systems
  • process and thread management
  • synchronization and deadlocks
  • memory management
  • file systems
  • storage management


  • Operating Systems Concepts, by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, Addison Wesley, 9th edition.